Cowboy Action Shooting is a family oriented sport where "fun" is the byword and safety is paramount.  Whether you are an experienced shooter or a "tenderfoot" when it comes to guns and shooting, we will teach you all you need to do to shoot well and have fun together.  Elsewhere on the website you will find information about our club, when we shoot and how to become a member.  We look forward to having you participate with us, pardner! Just give one of our board members a call. Any one will be happy to answer your questions.​

Contestants shoot in several, usually six or eight, courses of fire in which they engage reactive steel targets. Scoring is based on accuracy and speed. One unique aspect of Cowboy Action Shooting is the requirement of authentic period dress. Each participant is required to adopt a shooting alias appropriate to the character or profession of the late 19th century, or a Hollywood western star, and develop a costume accordingly. Here are some pictures that will give you examples of some old west costuming.  However, as you begin, just an old western looking shirt, jeans and hat will work for your and your family.

The Dixie Desperados was established in 1999 as a family oriented Cowboy Action Shooting club.  We  hold two "shoots" a month at the Southern Utah Shooting Sports  Park (SUSSP). Since our founding, we have worked diligently and now have one of the best Cowboy Action Shooting ranges in the United States.  Pictures of our range can be seen elsewhere on the website.  The Dixie Desperados are affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).


Cowboy Action Shooting is a multifaceted shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West. Single action revolvers, lever action rifles, and double barreled side-by-side, pre 1899 pump or lever action shotguns are all used.

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